About Us

CONDIP is a world-leading international consulting company that assists governments, international corporations, companies and non-governmental organizations to establish, strengthen…

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Our Vision

As an innovative, world-leading consult company, CONDIP will provide its clients with the best consult and applicable tools that…

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Public Diplomacy & Foreign Relations Management

In recent years, public diplomacy has turned into an efficient and important tool for governments as they wish to…

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Organizational consult for governmental offices

Globalization and technological developments of recent decades force us to adapt our conduct frequently and regularly in order to…

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Welcome to CONDIP Strategy Advisors

Welcome to the CONDIP Strategy Advisors Ltd website. CONDIP is a world-leading international consulting company with professional capabilities, unique specialities and experience working in various geographical regions and a changing cultural environment. CONDIP is a global, independent, and with an original thinking who finds for its customers the right solutions to situations that seem too complicated and impossible.

This site is our expanded business card with our briefly outlined key areas of activity. However, our activities are tailored to the needs and requirements of each individual client, so we invite you, those who are interested in more information, to contact us directly.