Africa is close to our hearts, and we have been operating in it intensively since 2011.

We have unique experience in working with government officials and the business sector and have an excellent knowledge of regional politics, cultural characteristics and bureaucracy.

The economic potential inherent in the African continent is immense. Sub-Saharan Africa offers many and varied opportunities, richness in natural resources and reasonable growth rates, alongside challenges and difficulties. It has a promising young generation that is eager to be educated and develop its skills to be used in the workforce of tomorrow.  Africa is the largest free trade area in the world and a developing market of 1.2 billion consumers.


We offer assistance and guidance in contacts with government bodies and non-governmental organizations. We assist investment funds and institutional entities in locating investments and conducting negotiations. To African government bodies, we assist in obtaining funding from international organizations, financial institutions and other sources. We support independent funds and private investors in locating and examining investments on the continent.