Changes in the international system opened doors to many new actors, including international organizations, transnational corporations, and other important interest groups. Diplomacy used to be an important tool of foreign policy and a monopoly of government and is now accessible to and performed by non-governmental organizations as well as individuals. Multilateral processes connected to security, economic, social, technological and other changes influence the essence of modern diplomacy.

The transformation of diplomacy happens at high-speed, and it has not been completed yet. As the world changes, so too does diplomacy. 

We, at CONDIP, are experts in the vibrant world of diplomacy. We work with our clients to strategize, plan and execute policy and achieve goals. We do it all by working on the ground and by building local capacity. 


To build and maintain an International image has great importance for countries and corporations. We use tools from the field of public and cultural diplomacy, and help our clients formulate and manage an appropriate strategy.


Corporate diplomacy is needed to advance the interests of companies. We help them focus on building strategy and risk management vis-à-vis government and non-government players. Diplomacy techniques brought by us to the business world give corporations diverse capabilities, including the ability to understand and analyze geopolitical aspects, map actors and identify opportunities and risks, develop a system of information and influence relationships with key factors.